Recent Publications
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Harlow, S. (2021). A New People’s Press? Understanding Digital-Native News Sites in Latin America as Alternative Media. Digital Journalism. Online first.

Harlow, S., & Kilgo, D. K. (2021). Protest News and Facebook Engagement: How the Hierarchy of Social Struggle Is Rebuilt on Social Media. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. Online first.

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Harlow, S., Rowlett*, J., & Gonyea*, L.K. (2020). “Kim Davis be Like...”: A Feminist Critique of Gender Humor in Online Political Memes. Information, Communication & Society, (23)7, 1057-1073. 

* Graduate students

Higgins Joyce, V. D. M., & Harlow, S. (2020). Seeking transnational, digital-native news from Latin America: An audience analysis through the lens of social capital. Journalism Studies, online first.


Mourão, R. R., & Harlow, S. (2020). Awareness, Reporting, and Branding: Exploring Influences on Brazilian Journalists’ Social Media Use across Platforms. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, online first.


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 * Graduate student

Harlow, S., & Chadha, M. (2019). Indian Entrepreneurial Journalism: Building a typology of how founders’ social identity shapes innovation and sustainability. Journalism Studies, 20(6), 891-910.

Chadha, M., & Harlow, S. (2019). Bottom lines and deadlines: Examining local digital news startups’ content across different revenue-earning sites. Journalism Practice, 13(6), 723-741.

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Rowlett*, J.T, & Harlow, S. (2018). Selfies and sensationalism on the campaign trail: A visual analysis of Snapchat's political coverage. Visual Communication Quarterly, 25(2), 82-92.

 * Graduate student


Ji*, Q., Harlow, S., Cui*, D., & Wang*, Z. (2018). Discussing Environmental Issues in Chinese Social Media: An Analysis of Greenpeace China’s Weibo Posts and Audience Responses. The Journal of Social Media in Society, 7(1), 37-60.

 * Graduate students


Schmitz Weiss, A., De Macedo Higgins Joyce, V., Harlow, S., & Calmon Alves, R. (2018). Innovation and Sustainability: A relationship examined among Latin American Entrepreneurial News Organizations. Cuadernos, 42, 87-100.


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